About Us

Days That You’ll Remember
For The Rest Of Your Life

Golden Cove Resort is located in Oracabessa, a small town in St. Mary, about 15 minutes from Ocho Rios and 5 minutes from the famous James Bond Beach. ‘Oracabessa’ derives from the Spanish word “Orocabeza”, which means “Golden Head”.

We are in close proximity to Golden Eye – a frequent pit stop for the “glitterati” and original home of “James Bond 007” author Ian Fleming.

Golden Cove is a private oasis of four charming Villas, situated on Jamaica’s beautiful North Coast and bordered by a spectacular coral reef less than 100 feet from the shoreline. It is a dream destination for those who crave adventure and relaxation.

Be mesmerized! The exotic flora and fauna, sea creatures, and underwater seascape, is your magical escape.

Villas Laura, Ann-Marie, Jaime and Selma are the names of our four luxury suites, each strategically placed to ensure that you enjoy privacy amid the gaze of breathtaking views and tropical Zen.

“We are the path towards your dream vacation.
We are a promise to memorable moments.
We are what you’re going to fall in love with.
We are your little heaven on earth.”

Villas that make you feel at home, just a lot better!

Laura, Ann-Marie, Jaime and Selma are all tastefully decorated with living rooms and bedrooms which open onto spacious verandas facing the breath-taking Caribbean Sea, ideal for basking in the warm tropical climate. Each villa is equipped with cable TV and WiFi internet access, standing refrigerator, glassware, silverware, dinnerware, coffeemaker and microwave; with tastefully decorated living rooms and dining room areas punctuated by fine art, including pieces from artists such as the renowned sculptor Gene Pearson.

At Golden Cove Resort, there is no need to lift a finger for the duration of your stay. We ensure that each villa is complete with housekeeping and on request a butler, who ensures that your every need is fulfilled. We invite you to select from a variety of delectable meals prepared daily by our Chef and should you require a driver, we are happy to arrange with the Jamaica Urban Transit Association (JUTA) on your behalf and for guided tours at some of the island’s most exciting and endearing tour locations.

Take a deep breath and get ready for some fun!

Our sea kayaks and snorkeling facility provides perfect adventure. You’ll never forget the amazing underwater flora and fauna of the Island’s reefs, or the thrill of skimming playful waves on kayaks. Your entire family bonds over a diverse selection of board games and swooping tree-swing adventure in memories, that will last a lifetime… or at least until you return!

The pool is large and inviting, with a thatched roof cabana overlooking vast seas and sky-kissing mountains – perfect for barbeques, weddings, special occasions, or just chillin’.